Begonia’s Alexa Dirks has never been able to fit into the box of being a "conventional woman". “I’m loud, I’m awkward and I’ve always taken up space. I've done things my whole life that some people would tell me weren't appropriate 'for a girl'.” That narrative that once tore Dirks down is now what empowers her to take charge of her own story, in her own way.

“Beats” says Dirks, “is all of my self-doubt and self-confidence living together in a poppy little package. It's all the voices in my head speaking at once. I get so worked up sometimes it can be hard to see things for what they really are. I think this song is basically saying that you can be deeply vulnerable and completely strong at the same time. It can seem confusing but sometimes you just have to feel all your feelings and then step back, take a deep breath and keep on going.”

On the surface Dirks claims her new single, “The Light”, is about “feeling like I’m over the casual dating and party culture that dominated my early 20s. In a deeper sense, it’s about growing up and coming to terms with what that growth and transition means to me as a woman. It also questions the expectations that are put upon women in general and how exhausting it can be to try and live up to them. We are told in many ways by many people to be some Hollywood version of gentle, to be more beautiful, to be soft but not too soft, to change our bodies but to be happy with the way they are, to be agreeable, to make ourselves desirable to the opposite sex and ultimately not to take up too much space while doing it. It’s all very confusing and frankly impossible to keep up with. I want to defy those ‘rules’ and I want to encourage others to do the same. I want to inspire women / people in general to take up as much space as they want while feeling empowered enough to be whoever they are in this very moment.”

Co-produced by Dirks with Marcus Paquin (Stars, The National), Matt Schellenberg (Royal Canoe), and Matt Peters (Royal Canoe), “The Light” is be available to stream on all platforms.

Winnipeg-based Dirks is a JUNO Award winner with her former group, Chic Gamine. As Begonia, Dirks is bold, brazen with her florid, surprising pop that is tempered with sensitivity and wisdom. Dirks' first solo output, Lady in Mind, was listed on NPR’s 10 Artists You Need To Know in 2017 and “Juniper” reached #1 on the CBC Music Top 20. Noisey wrote that, “Begonia has one of Canada’s most extraordinary voices, and thankfully she uses it to obliterate the misery from this world one live performance at a time.” NPR claimed that Begonia is “the place where where synth-pop meets old soul and scrappy meets sexy."