With a pair of acclaimed solo albums to his name – 2015’s The Bloodred Yonder and 2013’s Lost Stories: Volume One – Ben Rogers has been turning heads with compelling songs and captivating performances for a while now. Today, the B.C. based songwriter is pleased to announce his signing with Still Records, the newly minted label from Dallas Green, for an upcoming LP.

Green, who produced the upcoming album, explains what initially drew him to the project: “I recognized something really special about this collection of songs – this vulnerability from Ben was really moving to me. I think it was a brilliant experience for all of us and resulted in a really beautiful record. Not only do I believe in it and think it’s fantastic, but it also did something for me; it really opened a whole new chapter of my creative life.”

Rogers echoes the sentiment, “I can tell Dallas cares about this project as much as I do. He is just so devoted to the process. He really challenged us, but with a generosity of spirit that you just don’t encounter that often. It was the best experience I’ve ever had on a creative level.”

On his previous two records, listeners were gravitating towards his fresh take on country-tinged folk and Americana, Rogers found himself drifting away from it. The first single from Rogers, “Steady Going Nowhere”, gives us a taste of the direction he is headed in. The song is about "the streets and alleys of East Vancouver and it's dedicated to the people who call those streets and alleys home,” says Rogers.

The sound – still rooted in folk and Americana, though now with an earnest new attitude permeates throughout – is a raw, hazy, rock-inspired swagger that channels the likes of possessed masterminds from Nick Cave to Otis Redding to Marc Bolan of T.Rex. Put simply, it is enveloping and the authenticity is palpable.


01 Doll Bones
02 Holiday
03 Steady Going Nowhere
04 Rattle Your Chains
05 Leviathan Smiles
06 Shame
07 Killing Kind
08 Stackabones
09 Black Beauty
10 A Changed Man
11 Wildfire