Earlier this year, Danny Michel returned from the trip of a lifetime with Canadian Astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield who invited him to join Generator Arctic, an expedition traversing the Arctic Ocean aboard the Russian ice-breaker Kapitan Khlebnikov with scientists, photographers, writers, videographers. The mission was to capture the experience and share it with the rest of world. Danny’s goal was to record an album entirely inspired by the immediate surroundings and record that album aboard the Kapitan Khlebnikov using a makeshift studio in his cabin comprised of camera tripods, hair ties, and gaffing tape.

The result of that time spent writing and recording in the middle of the Arctic Ocean is Danny’s upcoming album, Khlebnikov, which is set for release on January 20, 2017.. The album itself breaks new ground, or ice, for Danny and is quite literally explorational. For the finished record think a classically informed Tom Waits meets Tim Burton feel. The album itself may also qualify for a Guinness World Record for the most northern album ever recorded. Keep your fingers crossed!

Today, the acclaimed songwriter is sharing the song “24,000 Horses” from the upcoming album. “One evening at 4:00am I woke to massive muffled booms and thuds of the Khlebnikov lurching through the Arctic ice,” recalls Danny. ”Too curious to sleep I put on all of my gear and went outside to see what was happening. There alone, at the bow I witnessed one of the most glorious moments of my life. Under an endless sky and midnight sun, I watched pieces of ice the size of tennis courts break, flip, and bounce around like bowling pins under the hull of the mighty Khlebnikov. Later that day I wrote “24,000 Horses”

During his 18 days aboard the Khlebnikov, Danny recorded in his tiny cabin and invited some guests to cram into the ‘studio’ to share their talents, including Col. Hadfield (singing in Russian), and the dishwasher from the Khlebnikov kitchen. The tracks captured there made their way back to Canada to begin collaboration with composer Rob Carli who, aside from being a member of Danny’s band, is one of Canada’s most in-demand composers with 15 Gemini and Canadian Screen Award nominations, 5 Gemini Awards and 2 Canadian Screen Awards and 3 SOCAN Awards for domestic television.

To fully comprehend the experience and the conditions of the expedition, Danny has captured his trip in an installment of his series Dan’s Space Van.

24,000 Horses
Fall (feat. Chris Hadfield)
The Dishwasher’s Dream
Down Down Down