Halfway between Canada’s largest city, Toronto, and the lakes and forests of cottage country, Barrie, Ontario’s HarpAcash & the Morals utilize their surroundings to create a unique style of indie folk-rock that combines the tension of the former with the peacefulness of the latter. Consisting of lead vocalist HarpAcash, guitarist Todd Jeffrey, and drummer Daniel Trickett the band has become a must-see act in a very short period of time.

It was just a few years ago when HarpAcash and Jeffrey met in Barrie and discovered they shared similar musical tastes. Jeffery was a musician and songwriter who had performed in a few bands in Toronto and then made his way north to Barrie. HarpAcash, a Barrie native, had always had a gift for singing but had never pursued music as a career.

The two of them began writing songs together and were soon performing in local coffee shops and clubs as a duo. Shortly thereafter they enlisted drummer Trickett, a multi-instrumentalist who brings his own unique set of tools to his performance behind the kit. The more often the band performed the more HarpAcash discovered her ‘voice’. It is a singing voice without fear, one with few peers. It swoops and sways and weaves in and out of the tones provided by Jeffrey’s guitar and the rhythms and patterns created by Trickett’s drums. The songs they create can be quiet and reflective and also at times surging, off beat, and rushing to a conclusion. Some are deep and reflective, others personal and joyful.

In 2012 they entered the studio with producer Steve Singh (Ron Hawkins, Brendan Canning) and the result was 2012’s ‘Music Tree Life Understanding’ EP. In 2014 they recorded a number of demos with Singh and producer Darryl Neudorf (Neko Case, Blue Rodeo), played a number of live shows opening for artists like Elliott Brood and The Strumbellas, performed at NXNE, and secured a summer residency at Toronto’s Cameron House. That same year the band opened a couple of shows for the Cowboy Junkies. After hearing the band perform live, Cowboy Junkies’ founder and producer Michael Timmins expressed an interest in developing and working with the band. With Timmins at the production helm the band’s first full length album, titled Lamps, will be released in Sept. 2016 on Latent Recordings.

This is an original band. They don’t sound like anyone else. They are indie rock, folk, and pop. If you had to compare you might say that the band’s sound combines the heart-wrenching delicacy of Bon Iver, with the disjointed pop sensibilities of Feist, while hinting towards the bombast of Florence and the Machine. It is those lead vocals of HarpAcash, Jeffrey’s graceful guitar, and the idiosyncratic minimalist percussion provided by Trickett that draws listeners into the band’s haunting melodies.

HarpAcash & the Morals offer listeners stunning lead vocals, tasty guitar, heartbreaking harmonies, and songs that rise and fall and are filled with raw sincerity. The band’s audience – much like their songs – is consistently building. This is a band that gains new followers with every single performance. This is a band that, much like many of its songs, is building towards a moment, a great big moment, and is getting there by travelling on its own path.


Modern Comfortable
Douglas Snow
Sleeping In A Hammock
Like Life
In My Room
Light Source
Cold Bath