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21 Tandem Repeats - Robertson's Dream Orchard
Acres and Acres - Money
Aidan Knight - Jasper
Andy Swan - Can I Pay You With Sunshine?
Ann Vriend - [If We Are Not] Spies
Ayla Brook - Wake Up Early
Barney Bentall - Hold My Heart
Barzin - Stayed Too Long In This Place
Bend Sinister - Jimmy Brown
Black Mold - Metal Spiderwebs
Black Mold - Tetra Pack Heads
Bradley - Your Money
Brent Randall and the Pinecones - Strange Love
Caledonia - We Are America
Cara Luft - There's A Train
Cameron Latimer - Empty Saddle
Chad VanGaalen - Cries Of The Dead
Chad VanGaalen - Willow Tree
Chris Page - Two Twenty-Twos
Chris Velan - Oldest Trick
Christa Couture - Sad Story Over
Cinderpop - Blonder
Cinderpop - Cinnamon Winter
Corb Lund - Horse Soldier, Horse Soldier
Corbin Murdoch and the Nautical Miles - Dessous Les Paves, La Plage
Cory Woodward - Slipping Away
Dan Mangan - Road Regrets
Dan Mangan - Robots
The Danks - Die Young
The Danks - I Mean, Come On
The Danks - Treaty Connector
DD/MM/YYYY - Digital Haircut
Dead Letter Chorus - Down In The Valley
The Deep Dark Woods - All The Money I Had Is Gone
The Deep Dark Woods - Hang Me Oh Hang Me
The Details - Height Of Land
The Details - Underground
Devon Sproule - Good To Get Out
Dinosaur Jr. - I Want You To Know
Dustin Bentall - Railroad
Dustin Bentall - Such a Shame (Live)

Elephant Stone - The Seven Seas
Emma-Lee - Never Just A Dream
e.s.l. - Prove Me Wrong
extra happy ghost - mash up: neither being nothing nor
Fall Horsie - The Devil's Performance
FemBots - Good Days
FemBots - In The Red
The Feminists - 21st Century Ghost
The Fugitives - All This Trouble
The Fugitives - Breaking Promises
Fred - Running
Geoff Berner - Good Luck Now
Ghost Bees - Vampires Of The West Coast
Ghostkeeper - By Morning
Ghostkeeper - Three More Springs
Girl Nobody - I'll Shake It
Gordie Tentrees - Alfred
The Great Outdoors - If I Were A Car
The Great Outdoors - Spring Flower
The Great Outdoors - Summer In The City
The Great Outdoors - Under The Sun
GreenTaRA - Figure It Out
H-Burns - Horses With No Medals
HILOTRONS - Dominika
Hinterland - Detwiller Pavelion
Hospital Bombers - Neighbourhood

Jane Vain And The Dark Matter - C'mon Baby Say Bang Bang
Jay Crocker - Below The Ocean Over
Jenn Grant - Dreamer
Jenny Whiteley - Ripple Effect
Jesse Matheson - Make Out
Jim Bryson - All The Fallen Leaves
Jim Byrnes - Walk On Boy
Joey Wright - Jalopy
John Wort Hannam - Two Bit Suit
John Wort Hannam - With The Grain
Julie Doiron - Consolation Prize
Julie Doiron - No More
Junior Pantherz - On And Off
Kara Keith - Kick This City
Katie Stelmanis - In My Favour
k.d. lang - Hanky Panky
Kelly Joe Phelps - Western Bell
Kensington Prairie - Crooked Things Straight
Kent McAlister - The Way It Rolls
Kent Mcalister - What Is This Evil
Kim Barlow - Great White Nothing
LADYHAWK - I Don't Always Know What You're Saying
Language Arts - Where Were You In The Wild?
Lee Harvey Osmond - The Love Of One
les petits - the best tasting wool in the whole world
Linda McRae - This Winding Road
Lorrie Matheson - Hollow Wind

Mardeen - Kids
Mark Berube - Pretty Little Bird
Mark Berube - Flowers On The Stones
Mark Davis - By The Time
Mark Davis - Burning Post
Martha and the Muffins - Mess
Matt Epp - This Old House
Mike Evin - Great Pop Song
Nathan Lawr - Righteous Heart
Ndidi Onukwulu - SK Final
Ndidi Onukwulu - Things About Comin My Way
Old Man Luedecke - Proof Of Love
Old Man Luedecke - The Rear Guard
The Olympic Symphonium - Intentions Alone
Ox - Burn Out
Oysterband - Here Comes The Flood
The Orchid Highway - Next World
Pale Air Singers - Convict Escapes
Paper Moon - Say It's All Over
The Paperbacks - Holocaust Art
The Paperbacks - Make Art
The Paperbacks - Slow Learners
Parkas - The Gang's All Gone
Parkas - You And What Army?
The Parlour Steps - Little Pieces
The Parties - Yours and Mine
Postdata - Tobias Grey
The Priddle Concern - Back Around
Priya Thomas - Had I Known I Would Have Declined

Rachelle Van Zanten - Halo
Rae Spoon - Come On Forest Fire Burn The Disco Down
Record Of The Week Club (Various) - Keewatin Arctic
Ridley Bent - Nine Inch Nails
Romi Mayes - Achin In Yer Bones
Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees - You Don't Miss Me
Share - Penmanship
Shuyler Jansen - Jealous Girl
SLAVE To The SQUAREwave - Big Change
Smothered In Hugs - Blank Test
The Sojourners - Nobody Can Turn Me Around
The Sojourners - Run On
Son Of Dave - The Old Times Were The Good Times
Spiral Beach - Made Of Stone
Steve Dawson - At Arms Length
The Summerlad - City Of Noise
T. Dekker - Old Milwaukee
T. Dekker - Encore
T. Nile - Cabin Song
The Telepathic Butterflies - Telescope
The Telepathic Butterflies - A Scathing Report
Terribly Empty Pockets - Drunk On Gasoline
Tanya Tagaq - Fire - Ikuma
Tim Posgate - Stolen Ice Cream Truck
Twilight Hotel - Viva La Vinyl
Two Hours Traffic - Stuck For The Summer
Two Hours Traffic - Backseat Sweetheart (Live CBC Radio 3)
Two Hours Traffic - Better Sorry Than Safe (Live CBC Radio 3)
Two Hours Traffic - Heat Seeker (Live CBC Radio 3)
Two Hours Traffic - Territory
The Two Koreas - Cheeky Snaps

Ultimate Power Duo - Jack The Space / Time Continuum Ripper
We Are The City - There Are Very Tiny Beasts In The Ground
The Weather Station - East
The Western States - Time To Lose
The Wheat Pool - This Is It
The Wind Whistles - Turtle
Yeasayer - Ambling Alp
Yonder - Let You Down
Yukon Blonde - Streets
Yukon Blonde - Wind Blows