Reuben Bullock is a storyteller. One of those undeniably engaging types that captivates with ease thanks to incredible charms and a fascinating past.

Sit with him and you’ll hear tales of his upbringing, growing up the son of a preacher and middle brother of three. He’ll relate a childhood spent travelling North America, from town to town, never staying in one place for long and learning about life on the road – a lesson that now serves him well. 

He will tell you about rebelling against religion and a lingering distaste for those teachings, he and his oldest brother spurning the spiritual world for a wilder one, which he considers himself lucky to have survived. The trials and brushes with mortality that have set the stage for Reuben's current struggle- one more artistic than physical or strictly spiritual. 

Reuben will talk about past pursuits - skateboarding semi-professionally during a career marked by the same fearlessness with which he approaches his new pursuit as a music maker. 

Now inked to Canada’s iconic indie imprint Arts & Crafts, Reuben finds himself on a promising new path, this time as a young songwriter and star with a world-class album on the way. 

Now, the names of studio titans like Stephen Kozmeniuk and Jim Abbiss - men who boast credits from artists like Madonna and Adele - dot the liner notes of Reuben’s forthcoming debut, but not along ago music was actually a new craft for Reuben. He’ll tell you he picked up a guitar for the first time at 21.

The goal then was to make sense of the notebooks full of poems and lyrics that had been pouring out of him for years, to find the means to express whatever it was that was coursing through him so powerfully. Much of it was about that religious upbringing, preaching against it, the need to shake people up, to make them see and feel things differently. 

Reuben’s first album was recorded in a Canadian prairie town shed, the product as stark, raw and beautiful as the rustic surroundings in which it was made. 

What followed, Reuben will tell you, was a need to expand that sound, to make it much, much bigger. 

That’s when he embraced The Dark, bringing together a collection of musicians inclusive of his younger brother, Distance, that helped him craft something that was both sonically intricate and capable of something greater.

The first group recording represented a scrappy attempt at gospel from the rock of the earth, a reach for the stars while being tethered to the self. During this time a reputation also began to build, based on the strength of a transcendent live show - one intended to help those in its grip reach catharsis. Without a doubt this was a successful time, both in taking his project and its music further, and on a whim, also taking Reuben to Mexico. 

There a chance meeting with members of Florence + The Machine unfolded after they’d heard his album playing in a local shop. Later he’d join them on stage and eventually, fly to London to record some demos with drummer Christopher Hayden, who now joins Reuben and Kozmeniuk as a producer on the forthcoming debut.

That forthcoming debut marks the first proper effort from this now fully realized incarnation of Reuben and the Dark – and on it you’ll experience his storytelling first hand. You’ll follow him around the world, through some of the same towns where it all began and into many new ones where it will no doubt continue. 

Reuben will tell you he’s ready. He’ll tell you he’s excited. He’ll tell you he can’t wait for the next part of this crazy journey to begin. After all, his best stories are still to be told.





1. Bow & Arrow
2. Devil's Time
3. Rolling Stone
4. Shoulderblade
5. Standing Still
6. Marionette
7. A Memory's Lament
8. The River
9. Can't See The Light
10. Funeral Sky
11. Black Water