Tamino is very pleased to share details of a new deluxe version of his acclaimed debut album, Amir. It was released almost a year to the day since the record’s original release in October 2018.

The deluxe version of Amir, released October 18, 2019 through Arts & Crafts, will feature two recordings which originally missed the tracklisting for Amir, "Crocodile" and "Every Pore".

The deluxe release will also feature two new live recordings, performed alongside the stunning Nagham Zikrayat Orchestra who also feature on the original album, two demo recordings of “Chambers” and “Tummy”, and two stark live recordings from a show at La Cigale in Paris from earlier in the Spring.

Amir was produced by PJ Maertens and Jo Francken, and recorded at both Maertens’ house in Belgium and at Audiworkx Studios in Holland.

Amir is a record that is proving a real word-of-mouth success, ending 2018 in The Independent’s Albums of the Year and finding support on the BBC, NPR, and a variety of high-profile European television and radio stations. It’s not just the media that have been picking up on Tamino’s power, but fellow musicians too. This year Tamino has performed with Lana Del Rey at her request, and he counts Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood as a bandmate now (who also features on a selection of recordings on Amir playing bass guitar).


Although the majority of the playing heard on Amir is Tamino himself, he is joined by a collective of Arabic musicians based in Brussels called Nagham Zikrayat. The Firka (orchestra) is predominantly made up of professional musicians from the Middle East, most of which have refugee status having predominantly fled from Iraq, Morocco, Tunisia and Syria. Members of the orchestra are long-standing fans of Tamino’s late grandfather, a famous actor-musician in the golden age of Egyptian cinema. They contacted Tamino to request his performance at a concert in honour of his late grandfather. Not being a native speaker, Tamino politely declined but invited the orchestra to assist him in the making of Amir.

Over the course of Amir, Tamino captures a range of emotions from romance to desolation, and almost everything in between. It’s mood music, painted in a number of different shades. This deluxe release will act as a timely reminder of what makes Tamino such a special young artist, and shows the progression he has soon made from those initial demo recordings right through to his stunning live sound of today.


Disc 1
1.  Habibi
2.  Sun May Shine
3.  Tummy
4.  Chambers
5.  So It Goes
6.  Indigo Night
7.  Cigar
8.  Each Time
9.  Verses
10. W.o.t.h
11. Intervals
12. Persephone

Disc 2 (Bonus) 
1. Crocodile
2. Every Pore
3. Chambers – Demo
4. Tummy – Demo
5. Intervals - Live at Jet Studio ft. Nagham Zikrayat Orchestra
6. Every Pore - Live at Jet Studio ft. Nagham Zikrayat Orchestra
7. w.o.t.h - Live at La Cigale
8. Intro (La Javanaise) - Live at La Cigale
9. Verses - Live at La Cigale