TUNS is proving that they’re not going to be that supergroup that sounds great on paper and super lame on your speakers. Comprised of Chris Murphy (Sloan) Matt Murphy (Super Friendz, Flashing Lights), and Mike O’Neill (Inbreds), they’re not a bunch of old dudes past their peak who want to play half-tempo dirges about their divorce. This is not some side project where Chris dumps his Sloan leftovers. Far, far from it.

The first time anyone knew that TUNS existed was their first gig at Massey Hall in October 2015, part of an all-star benefit show organized by Hayden. The band’s internal mutual appreciation dates back 20 years to when the Inbreds and Super Friendz—with whom Chris was playing drums during a Sloan hiatus— toured together, a friendship only now coming to musical fruition.

TUNS is an exciting new band of equals, of collaborators, of experienced veterans who sound as exuberant as ever. It’s power pop with intricate melodies, electrifying rock’n’roll written with a deep appreciation for song-craft. It’s like a music geek’s version of fantasy baseball, a band that could feature Paul McCartney, Pete Townshend, and the Attractions’ Pete Thomas, with Alex Chilton and The Jam’s Paul Weller throwing in song ideas.

Oh, and the name? Toronto Usurps Nova Scotia? No. It’s a reference to the Technical University of Nova Scotia (1907-97, now part of Dalhousie University), where the young Murphys used to go for science fairs or to play basketball. The reason? Let’s just say the best ideas in TUNS songs are definitely in the music, not in the name itself. Sounds like ‘tunes’, the name wasn’t taken, and the spelling is unique on Google.


1. Back Among Friends
2. Mixed Messages
3. Throw It All Away
4. Mind Over Matter
5. Look Who’s Back In Town Again
6. Lonely Life
7. Mind Your Manners
8. To Your Satisfaction
9. I Can’t Wait Forever